Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Helping your child write their name

My youngest is only 3. It's amazing how he is more curious about learning then my oldest son was at this age. I am sure it has something to do with watching his big brother come home, get a snack and sits down at the kitchen table as we tackle that nights homework.  Of course he has to do everything his brother does. So Carter will pull up a chair, ask for a pen and paper and will usually sit there and draw pictures and random shapes as Cameron works. 

A few months ago, Carter and I started tracing shapes and letters. I bought these amazing cut outs at the Dollar Tree and taped them up to his walls. We will sit in our bean bags and spend part of our morning tracing and saying their names. Now that he is getting a little more used to using a pencil, I thought it was about time to start tackling his name. 

I found this amazing online program where you can type in your child's name and it will automatically write their name on the lines. You print it and they trace it. It beats having to take a piece of paper and make all the dotted letters yourself!

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