Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Monogram Wallpaper

The DIY Monogrammed phone wallpaper was a huge hit! I am so happy that ya'll loved it. So I decided to show you one more way to GIY, gram-it yourself, your phones wallpaper.

I love to monogram, so I thought I would give it its own little creative name, so I came up with gram-it yourself...a little more unique, just like the monos that you will create!

I have the option on my phone to have a different picture on the lock screen and home screen. The home screen always features my boys, occasionally my husbands face will make an appearance, but my boys handsome faces have priority and the lock screen is always covered in something pink and girly.

Make sure you save a copy of your print to your computer. I am going to show you many more things you can do with your new custom print! Everything from tags, email signatures, facebook photos, coffee mugs--the possibilities are endless

First you will need to go to Google and go explore all of the Lilly prints there are. Make sure to open your picture and save it to your computer. Now you can open it in any picture editing software that you want, I personally used pixlr.

Next you will select the shape that you want to hold your monogram. I chose a circle. Then select what size you would like your shapes border. Now select the color you want to use to fill in the color of your shape and the color of your border. This is the time to become friends with your undo button. Unfortunately, when you go to place your shape, all you will see representing your shape is a very small black line. If it is not where you want it, undo it and start again. It took me about 4 times to get it exactly where I wanted it.

When you have your shape just where you want it, start playing with your font. Make sure to make the center letter, your last initial, the largest letter. 

Now you can save it like this or since I am addicted to the snipping tool, I just snipped out the portion that I wanted and saved that to my computer. Again, just email it to yourself and and upload it as your phones wallpaper. 


  1. great tutorial! i have a question about the font. how do you make the font go bigger than 130? thats the biggest it will allow me to make the letters. thank you!

  2. For me it depended on which font I choose. Some fonts, 130 was the largest I could choose and some of the other fonts could go a little larger. I hope that helped!

  3. which font did you choose that allowed you to make it that big?

  4. Hi,
    I see that you like monogram:)
    Go check out the app "Designer Monogram" for your iPhone!
    Hope you enjoy it.

  5. could you make one with the letters JET