Friday, October 19, 2012

Customized coffee mugs

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. That aching sound that disturbs your sleep, especially aggravating on an early Monday morning. As I slowly pull myself out of bed, reach over for my glasses and quietly walk into the kitchen. Quietly being the key word. Every mother knows that those last few minutes before the children wake are some of the most enjoyable moments of the morning. Opening up my cabinet I search through my ever growing collection of coffee cups before I see one the makes me feel happy. If my husband is gone on business, it usually is one of the many cups that he sends home to me from the places he travels....Kuwait, Afghanistan,Washington State. I have a very worldly collection. Watching the keurig carousel spin around until I find the right coffee and within minutes I am in heaven. Each morning starts like this for me, I think the average mom cannot function without that trip to the coffee maker each morning .

Before the kids wake up I usually scan my emails and get lost in the world of pinterest. When I came up on the "permanent marker cups" I will admit, I got a little excited. Unfortunately that does not work. The marker comes right off. The solution, a paint/porcelain pen. They are only about $4 at the craft store and there is an array of colors. I grabbed a few old coffee cups or take a trip to the dollar store and let your imagination run wild.

Make sure you cup is clean.

Choose what you want to put on your cup. I choose one of my favorite quotes from The Notebook, "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul".

Now they say that you are supposed to bake it in your oven, yea, I do not have time for that. I found that if you place them in your dishwasher on the HEATED dry cycle, the marker will "bake" onto the cup. What is even better is that you can leave the house while they are in there! Well there you go. Now go enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea.


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    1. Thank you! If you tried it for yourself, I would love to see them. Try posting a picture on our facebook page!

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