Thursday, April 11, 2013

Customizable Candle Printable

I know that I am not the only person who is in love with Bath and Body Works candles. They have such an enticing smell and with a house full of boys, lighting up one of these on my vanity while I am putting on my make-up takes me to my girly place. A space full of pink, chevron, monograms, heavenly smells and the perfect small chandler hanging from the ceiling. Then reality hits when I step on the poor abandoned hot wheel hidden under my table, which served as a prison for the zombies earlier in the day.

I also love to give these as gifts. But somehow wanted to make them a little more personal. While I was looking for a place to create my own printable monogram, I came across this wonderful post on how to create your own personalized monogrammed candle printable. 

You can also get a little creative by making coordinating matchboxes and gift tags. Go, print out your monogram and get to creating a chic and girly gift for one of your favorite ladies!

customizable candle printables 2 Customizable Candle Printables

Image and the link for the printable from ForChicSake

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