Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to glam up your iPhone

So I know I am late to the iPhone game but I have finally traded in my beaten up android for the iPhone 5. The one complaint I have about the iPhone is that it looks like everyone else's.

Yes I can get a snazzy phone cover but when it comes down to it my iPhone screen looks just like my husbands iPhone screen and that just doesn't work for me.

While browsing the App Store I came across this really neat app called CocoPPa. I believe it had to originate somewhere in Asia because a lot of the writing is not in English. Don't let that through you though!

It's super easy to turn your home screen into something cute, chic and girly or whatever you like.

Start by downloading the app CocoPPa.

Open up your app. This is what the home screen should look like.

Now scroll to the bottom to the search area and type what icon you want to look for. I choose Facebook because I think almost everyone has that app. It's easier to just search what you are looking for then browsing the other categories they have listed.

So here's the fun part. Just start going thought the pages until you find the icon you love.
Click on the icon.

Now click the brown 'set up link'.

Now you are going to have to choose where you want this icon to take you. Since Facebook is an app that you had to download, chose the 'app search' option.

Type in Facebook.

When you see the Facebook icon show up, choose it.

Choose what you want to name your icon and click ok.

A box will pull up asking you to open up safari, say yes.

Follow the directions on the next screen to place your app on your home screen.

Now you will have to keep your original app, so I placed them in a folder marked originals.

Have fun and decorate the heck out of your home screen!

Here is mine, so far.

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