Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Natural Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Lately I have been testing a few cooking and cleaning ideas I have seen around pinterest, lately.  Some of them don't work, but some are great.  I found this cleaner with vinegar and orange peels to be a good one and thought I'd share it.

Here is a little info about the cleaner.

First of, this is definitely not a new idea. Vinegar has been used for cleaning for a long time.  My mom taught me to add it regularly to the laundry.  I sometimes run it in a dishwasher load, using it in the jet dry dispenser. 

Why does vinegar work? It is because vinegar is a mild acid and can dissolve mineral deposits.  This is why many people with hard water clean their shower heads with it.
Vinegar is also found to be 99% effective against germs and bacteria.

Orange oil, which is produced from the peel, is also an effective and all natural cleaner.
It works because it is a natural solvent.  Solvents get rid of gunk really well.

Now where you put the two together they make home-healthy, efficient cleaner. 
And the orange makes the smell of the vinegar more tolerable.


All you are going to need for this is:

  • A mason or canning jar with lid
  • White vinegar
  • Orange peels

Place you orange peels into your jar.

Pour in the white vinegar.

Leave some space at the top if you plan on adding more peels to the jar.

Close it up and leave it for a week to 2 weeks.

When it’s finished, take out the peels and put your orange infused vinegar into a spray bottle

Top it off with water.

Now you have 2 options, you can keep your cleaner strong or you can water it down.

If you follow the directions as-is, it will turn out to be a strong cleaner.

OR, you can use 50/50 water and orange-vinegar for a less strong cleaner. It is all up to you!

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