Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Homemade Nesquik Mix

Every child I have ever met prefers chocolate milk over regular milk. Chocolate milk is definitely a staple in my house. My children have an issue gaining weight, how tragic right?!?, so I have always been told by there doctors to let them have chocolate milk made with whole milk because it could help put a couple pounds on them. Needless to say, I still have slightly underweight children. 

We have had every kind of chocolate milk mix in my house. Everything from the liquid form, the powdered, I even got on the Ovaltine kick there for awhile. 

Just like many other things I feed my children, one day I so happened to read the ingredients in the chocolate milk mix and it was a little disturbing to see all the crap, yep that's right crap, that goes into making it. Even I indulge in the occasional glass of chocolate milk and I was never aware of what goes into it.

There started my hunt on how to make my own! You are going to be so surprised on how easy it is to make, and probably wonder why you have been spending so much money on it at the store. I know I did. 

Grab a mason jar or any other container you have on hand. I try to keep an array of jars in my cabinet. This so happens to be a mason jar that my honey came in.

Grab your 3, yes that's right 3, ingredients. 

2/3 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of cocoa
just a pinch of salt

           Here is a single batch.                                                      This is a triple batch. 

Now shake!! And there you go. Your own homemade chocolate milk mix.

The only advice I give is that the mix has a small problem completely dissolving into the cold milk. So here is what you can do. Put a heaping tablespoon into your cup. Add a tiny bit of hot tap water and stir it, allowing the mix to dissolve. THEN add your cold milk. Go ahead, go enjoy a cold glass of chocolate milk this afternoon!

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