Monday, January 7, 2013

Being crafty with a touch of pink

I am a mom of two wild boys. I am the typical screaming soccer mom on the sidelines and I play the rogue lady zombie hunter hunting down all of the zombies that live in my backyard. I play with trains, cars, toy soldiers and the occasional Call of Duty on Xbox. When one of them gets hurt, I tell them to brush it off, I fish, hike and even go on the occasional hunt for Bigfoot, sometimes dressed in my husband’s old US Navy fatigues, per my boys request. Every day is an adventure being a mom of boys, but there is always that little desire that can only be filled with something pink and sparkly all wrapped up with a tea party.

This summer I was blessed with the most beautiful god-daughter! I was in girl heaven. Just as I was getting used to that beautiful face her parents up and move her 3 states away, thanks to the US Marine Corp. I cannot wait until our big move to Louisiana so that I can be closer to her.

Being around a girl has brought some very creative juices to the surface and I have found a magnificent blog for the crafty, or not so crafty, momma!

So sit back, get ready to scroll and become engrossed in everything girly. It even has me pondering a new addition to the family…..well maybe. After checking out the pictures, go over to one of my favorite blogs, flax & twine for the instructions and more cute diys. 

what girl doesn't love a cute strand of pearls
pearl cuff

lace headband

rose barrettes 

pearl combs

rhinestone combs

rose bracelt

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