Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weekly Menu Planning

One of my goals this year is to become more organized, yea we will see! With my children growing up now and becoming more involved in clubs and sports and my husband’s job keeps him traveling for months, mommy is getting run a little ragged. 

I look at my friends with more than one child and wonder, how do they do it? Most of them are like me and just kind of go with the flow, but I have one amazing friend who is the most organized and put together person and is pregnant with her 4th child. Just looking at her makes me tired sometimes.

The first thing I am going to tackle is our weekly food planning. Oh, dinner. Sometimes I am lucky to have time to make a full dinner. When my husband’s gone and the kids ask for cereal for dinner...well I oblige. 

She suggested that I start a meal planning folder. Somewhere I can put my entire shopping list, recipes and food calendar all in one place. Sounds quite simple. 

I found a great little print out where you are able to write down what you are planning for dinner on one side and the other side is your shopping list. Pretty simple. I plan on putting a start next to the meals that someone says the like or they would like to have again. You can keep all the printouts in your binder and once you accumulate a few weeks you will have a wonderful list of meals your family enjoy or if there is a hectic week coming up, reuse another weeks page. You can print out the download HERE.
I just finished mine for the week and let me tell you...I feel just a tad bit more ready to hit up the grocery store this weekend. I am going to add these to the front of my coupon binder. I take that binder with me everywhere and I figured as I was checking items off my list I could see if I have a coupon for it. And yes, I did print it out in black and white. I am a little too cheap to buy colored ink!

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