Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Gift Organizing

For me it always starts about mid October. When I sit down and write out a list of what gift I want to get each member of my family. Not only is this my Christmas List but our anniversary, my husbands birthday and my youngest sons birthday all fall within a month before Christmas. So this list is my life line at the end of the year for gift giving. Ever year, I try to make a list and keep it somewhere handy so it can go to the store with me or stay posted close to my computer in case I find a deal. But every year, it never fails, that I lose that list and re-make it about 8 times. I have no idea how that little paper eludes me in my time of need.

As I was reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across this amazing chart to help with your yearly gift giving. Now I know that there are only a few days before Christmas, but keep this handy for next year, or for those people who hastily try to begin and finish Christmas shopping the weekend before Christmas, this might help you stay a bit organized. I know that there are some of you out there that do this. I am not going to lie, it seems like I am always running around trying to get that last present from someone the day before Christmas.

I am definitely going to print out one of these next year to help me keep up with who I am buying for, make sure I am staying on budget and to be able to check each individual gift off the list as I buy it, so I will always know who I have left to buy for. To download your free copy just click this LINK.

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