Friday, December 14, 2012

Wine Bottle Lights

I am sure just like every other mom out there, I enjoy a nice glass of wine every once in a while. I have been lucky enough to live in three places where there has always been a winery close by. During the fall, on the few weekends my husband and I have alone, we love to bundle up and go explore the wineries, enjoy the wine tasting and usually try to find a quaint little cafe for lunch.

Some of the bottles the wine is bottled in are so beautiful I just have to save them. This is where my little addiction to corks and wine bottles started. Then I realized my few bottles turned into a little collection of bottles gathered on top of my refrigerator collecting dust. I knew there had to be something I could do with them.

Of course I made these for the Holiday Season, but get creative. Keep them out all year long with just the plain bottles and lights, make them match your home decor or decorate them for each season/holiday. You could even give them as gifts!

Before you start, make sure to connect the ends of the lights. This just helps keep your strand organized as you are jamming them into the bottle.

And it begins. I promise you are going to feel that there is no way that the whole strand of lights will fit inside, they will! Once I got about half of the strand in, I grabbed a handy bamboo skewer to help push the lights to the bottom of the bottle. Keep it with you! You might need it to help persuade the little buggers to squash in there.

See...I told you. This took me about 10 minutes to get them all in there. Now do not worry about the plugs, we are going to do something with them!

Now add your ribbon and decor. You can tuck the end of the plug that you will not be using into the back of the bow.

And you are finished. I left out each side of the plugs because I am going to attach them to other bottles that I have.

Ok, so I decided to add it to my desk, it needed some holiday cheer! I would love to see where you end up putting yours.

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